Synthetic Shaving Brush - Hawkins & Brimble EU
Synthetic Shaving Brush - Hawkins & Brimble EU

Synthetic Shaving Brush

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We believe that no animal hair should be used in our shaving brushes. So we don't, and we think you'll love the results.

Expertly crafted with dense yet impeccably soft bristles, our unique shaving tool helps deliver our Shaving Cream to every inch of hair, ensuring the skin is protected during the hair removal process.

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    For a rich lather hold the brush beneath running hot water ensuring as much water is held on the brush as possible to hydrate and protect your skin during shaving. Using a circular motion, apply a small amount of Hawkins & Brimble shaving cream to the brush. Use a small amount of pressure to lather up your face working from the neck upwards.

    When shaving is complete rinse the brush under running water until the brush is soap free, then shake vigorously to remove all the water.

    Elemi & Ginseng

    Head notes: Coffee - Elemi - Rose
    Heart notes: Lavender - Geranium - Patchouli
    Base notes: Musk - Amber - Vanilla

    Our fragrance opens with a gentle blend of rose and coffee, wrapped delicately around the heart of lavender, geranium and patchouli all resting on a bed of musk and amber sweetened with vanilla.

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